Development from Conception Technological Approach


Product Development

We offer a range of development solutions tailored to meet our clients' specific requirements.

We take a project from a concept research report to full turn-key product development. Our years of experience in this field together with our local and international contact base enable us to provide an efficient service at competitive rates.

We know your development needs change and we offer a number of flexible services to match.

Our solutions to your product requirements:
  • Research consultancy to determine your needs and develop an appropriate technology cost/solution proposal
  • Engineering a design that meets your product needs, at a cost point tailored to your business
  • A variety of manufacture options
  • Ongoing life cycle support for your product


Most clients know exactly what they want but sometimes the best solutions arenít easy to put to paper.

We can help with our think tank solutions to define the breadth of possibilities at your disposal.

We can also assist you to evaluate and develop strategies to maximise the return on your investment.

This includes assisting with further research areas, technology development and intellectual property management.

For innovations and inventions, we have a program to assist with the commercialisation of novel concepts and ideas.


The design and development phase is the step that most clients focus on in product development.

We assist our clients by helping them select the appropriate level of development that best meets their anticipated product volume requirements.

We are experienced with a diverse range of microprocessors from different manufacturers. This offers you the best fit possible in making your product do what you want it to do, at the best possible cost.

Our professional service offers in-house and full software development assistance to meet our clients' specific requirements

Time is money, so to help minimise costs, we provide a fast-track concept development phase. This gets you to the proof of concept prototype stage as quickly as possible and lets you assess the product potential at a minimum cost.

We offer a value engineering service to minimise overall manufacturing costs for the anticipated production volumes.

We work closely with a number of manufacturers which enables us to provide cost effective options without limiting your choices.


  • We offer a number of manufacturing options to meet your needs.
  • Our in house prototyping service offers a quick turn-around to save you time and money.
  • Life-cycle support
  • Our business is to help your business. Our commitment to our clients doesnít end when the product leaves our door.
  • We offer product life-cycle management to optimise long term product profitability and risk control.
  • We can help you stay ahead of the competition in terms of product costs and technology with ongoing engineering services. Our in house warranty service provides support for managed projects, thereby reducing the risk to clients.
  • Compliance approvals
  • Application technologies
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