PCB Manufacture / Assembly Service

  Component Placement  

  • Whether a single or multiple board prototype panel, a small batch run or large production quantities, we can assemble your PCBs with components supplied by customers. We can also provide components for customers.
  • Our equipment includes two smd placement and two through-hole placement machines
  • Vapour phase, infra red, convection and wave soldering technologies are used to provide for both leaded and unleaded soldering.

  Rework service  

If you have boards already assembled that have problems, we offer a rework service allowing for replacement of faulty components, modifications or “after thought” additions.

  Mechanical Assembly  

  • If your product assembly requirements include: PCBs mounted in enclosures, presented with displays, faceplate and keypad attached or any other variable, we can assist.
  • We also manufacture water cooled heat sinks, cool air posi - pressure dust free enclosures and many other components specifically to meet our customers' requirements.
  • For small volumes, we can provide in-house assembly to meet your schedule at a reasonable cost. Our clients typically use this to meet tight deadlines for small initial runs, without incurring the project delays and costs related to larger contract manufacture options.
  • For commercial scale manufacture, we can assist clients with project management, procurement and in-house contract manufacture. Our skills and knowledge base can be of assistance during the transition through to large scale manufacture.

  Compliance Approvals  

  • Our engineers design circuits to the required specifications and can assist with obtaining compliance approvals for your product. We provide in-house non-certified testing to minimise development time and costs and have access to independently certified labs for full compliance testing as required.

  • Our highly skilled staff are trained to be proficient in a number of different technology areas. These “Application” related fields help us to offer expert advice on ways to best meet your goals cost effectively.