Broken Circuit Board Repair Services


Circuit Boards & Electronic Controllers

  Fault Analysis & Repair Service  

We specialise in industrial electronics – Control, Automation and Power Electronics. For over 20 years, our highly skilled engineers and technicians have repaired and modified the electronics on a diverse range of industrial equipment.

  • In our professional workshop, a full array of specialty instrumentation and sophisticated “in circuit” test and analytic equipment is used to quickly locate faults on or within multi layer circuit boards, thereby enabling repairs and modifications to be made at a fraction of equipment replacement costs.
  • If your board is unrepairable and a replacement is no longer available, our development team can re-engineer a new board to get you up and running. In some cases, we can suggest modifications to repair machine design flaws, saving you from unnecessary future machine failures.
  • Circuit diagrams – mostly unavailable – are not required.
  • Components – including “hard to find” and obsolete components - are quickly procured through our extensive network of local and overseas contacts.
  • Costly machine downtimes are minimised with our quick turn around repair service.
  • Our data base shows a 98% success rate for PCB repairs
  • We offer an onsite service to diagnose and solve problems quickly.
  • A number of our clients are supported by overseas companies but require a quicker response or more cost effective support. Why pay freight and wait weeks for a simple repair when we can do it quicker and cheaper locally? Our local support means that if the board wasn’t the only fault, we will assist you in determining and repairing other system faults.
  • Beware of using less professional repairers. We have repaired many boards damaged by unskilled technicians or boards which have suffered static damage by being removed from machinery in uncontrolled conditions.
  • We warranty all our repair work.
  • Huntsman Technologies has repaired and modified the electronics on equipment used across a broad spectrum of industries including: Manufacturing, Food processing, Engineering & Sheet metal, Entertainment, Mining, Marine, Plastics, Printing, Packaging and many more.
  • There is a very high probability that we have repaired equipment very similar to yours.
Please call for a free consultation. All inquiries welcome.

  Some examples of types of equipment repaired  

  • All industrial application circuit boards
  • AC Inverters & Servo amplifiers
  • Resolvers
  • Power supplies
  • Opto-electric systems
  • DC Drives & Controllers
  • Motor drives & controllers – AC & DC
  • Encoders – Absolute & Incremental
  • Monitors & Touch screens
  • Input / Output Boards – analog & digital
  • Data loggers
  • Inspection systems electronics


We respect our client’s confidentiality. It is our policy not to publish or discuss our clients' work. Please contact us if you would like more information about any specific details of our repair service or the types of boards we have repaired.