Electronic & Electrical Design Service

  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer modelling
  • Circuit simulation
  • Thermal analysis

  • Huntsman Technologies treats clients' information as confidential.

  • We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements.

  Circuit Design  

Our engineers design and layout circuits from customers' initial concepts or from schematics provided.

Software - tailored to meet a customer’s specific requirements - is written in house.

Reverse engineering service and equipment upgrades designed and manufactured.

Special test jigs designed and built enabling product function testing

Machines – afterthought add-on functions designed and built.

  Mechanical design  

Mechanicals including enclosures, faceplates, water cooled heatsinks etc designed and manufactured.


Application Technologies help us solve your problems.

Below is a list of some of the relevant technologies we work with.

  Technology Areas  

  • Embedded microprocessors (sophisticated low cost logic)
  • Control systems (controlling the world despite uncertainty)
  • Radio frequency design (broadcasting your data)
  • Communications (reliable Serial and RF communications)
  • Internet protocols (communication over open protocols)
  • Motor drives (converting power to motion)
  • Power electronics (moving from one potential to another)
  • Battery charging (storing electrons with chemistry)
  • Gate arrays (high density hi-speed logic solutions)
  • Instrumentation (repeatedly measuring things accurately)
Most projects combine a number of these technology areas to solve a specific problem.

A free consultation with our design team will answer all your questions.